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1. Which tools do you use to make sure the code is neat and easy to edit ?

We use codesniffer, mess detector, copy paste detector and scutinizer to ensure the code is neat and easy to edit.

2. Which technology do you use to make fast website?

We use Nginx servers, redis and memcache as database cache, we use cdn to deliver static content, we use page cache to avoid php parsing. In all 4 levels of cache, CDN, Server, Php, DB.

3. How will you ensure the website is secure from hackers?

We use SSL certificate, avoid SQL injections, Quality and Validate all form inputs, check for all know XSS and CSRF attacks to ensure the website is secure.

4. After delivering the final product do we provide any free support?

We provide lifetime free support.

5. Just list down some of the best coding practices?

We believe the Code should be well organized, well commented and readable. We follow the code ignitor coding standards for all our codes.


Udemy Generic 728x90