How to find a web developer or web designer in India?

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Finding a web developer or web designer in India is very easy, but finding a good web developer in India is a very tough problem. With a population of large number of engineering graduates, a high percentage of which are considered not employable, finding a good developer for your project can be a nightmare. It is more akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Here are a few guidelines that you can use to find good developers who work at around $10 – $15 an hour and will deliver a good experience for you. Developer and Designer Salaries in India Salaries for fresh college graduates who want to start working in web development or web design can vary from Rs 8000/ month (USD 120)  to Rs 100,000/month (USD 1500). The variance is mainly due to four things,

  1. Educational background, if you have studies engineering in India at one of the top engineering colleges and are employed by top tier companies you can also expect the salary to be top end of the spectrum
  2. Degree (Btech, BE Vs BCA or MCA), salaries gvien to btech candidates are much higher as compared to candidates with MCA or BCA qualifications
  3. Communication skills of the developer, better communication skills lead to better pay for developers. Especially firms with international clients prefer people who can communicate well over skype, phone and email. Good interpersonal skills also help developers get better compensation.
  4. Coding experience, if a developer has worked on large number of side projects during college, he can expect a higher salary vs somebody who expects the employer to train them on the job. Sadly with 90% of engineering graduates, that is the case today. Most of them are not industry ready and have to be trained by the employer.

Hence going by the above facts, a developer who works 160 hours and earns $120 is getting paid almost 75 cents an hour. Most small first work 6 days a work and the salary could be as low as 50 cents an hour. While on the top end the salary could be $10/hr for the developer. Now if you add the cost of infrastructure, sales and marketing, under utilisation, training and other business expenses., the total cost of a developer to a client could vary from $3/hr – $30/hr. Going forward we will not consider the top end of the spectrum and concentrate on the developers you are most likely to find on freelancing sites. The cost for these developers and designer should be between $3/hr – $20/hr. Apart from the 4 factors mentioned above, the next big difference to developer and design salaries is number of years of experience they have. As thumb rule, you can $1/hr of salary increase for the developer for each year of experience. But this rule applies more to younger developers and most senior developers are paid more for their specific expertise and niche.

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 Dos & Don’ts

Hire agencies and do not hire freelancers The reason being, finding and sustaining freelance projects is very tough, hence even good agencies find it tough to remain in the business, same is true to freelancers.

If your freelancer is working at a day job then he won’t be able to deliver on your project in terms of time and quality. Agencies can provide backup resources incase a freelancer is not able to continue on a project Agencies have a processes for employee training and skill development and are better equipped to make the right technological choices for your project

Hire Agencies which have strong referrals Building referrals takes time, and agencies which get strong recommendations from their clients are much better placed than new agencies This is not to say the new agencies are not good, but there is a much higher chance of finding a quality agency when it has strong references Portfolio Ask for portfolio and ask for introductions to the owners of the websites

Ask the owners of the websites about their experience working with the web development agency Number of years in Business We all know that it takes time for any agency to build a strong business, hence companies which have survived for a longer term are likely to deliver higher quality projects

While writing your proposals, explain your projects in detail, include sketches, images and links to sample websites, fonts and styles that you would like to see in your website

Garbage in = Garbage out Working with remote teams requires much higher level of communication and trust. You should be over communicative, be as detailed as possible, don’t leave things to assumptions If the quality of communication is bad, or if you don’t communicate the vision of your web project appropriately then you are likely to get a poor quality outcome

There are a number of sites where you can find agencies and freelancers is the biggest of them all

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