Introduction to GO Tutorial

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Go is a open source programming language developed at Google. It is one of fastest growing language. It is a compiled (on each change file must be compiled before running it) , strongly typed( each defined variable must have a type like int, bool, etc ) and garbage collected (garbage collection is done by itself) language.

Why to use GO?

  • Simple – Go is simple and easy to understand. Its syntax is much similar to C.
  • Rich library- Standard library in Go provides large set of inbuilt functions that almost cover all general programming requirement.
    • encoding/json && encoding/xml
    • ¬†io/ioutil
    • net/http
    • net/http/httptest
    • testing
    • etc

For any specific requirement we can use external libraries.

  • Fast compilation- Go compiler are faster than most of programming language compiler like C/C++. This increase development efficiency.
  • Concurrency- Go also supports concurrency to meet the real world scenario.
  • Garbage collection- Go frees memory from unused variable by itself .It reduces chances to occur errors like out of memory etc.

What should you already know

GO is simple and easy to understand but familiarity with C or JAVA will
definitely help you.
How it differs from others

  • GO differs from other programming language the way it provides OO functionality.
  • There is no concept of type inheritance in GO.
  • GO do not allow method and operator overloading.
  • Maps are built in.
  • GO do not use virtual Machine. It compiles GO script into machine language and execute it.
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